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$5 For Free Review

Join 5 For Free… For These Really Good Reasons:

For starters, 5 for free is FREE. Secondly, you earn $5 instantly just for signing up.

OK, so you are wondering now, what is this 5 for free thing all about right?  I was always told that “you pay what you get for” or “nothing is free”. Now they are telling that something for free is going to make me money right? Well, I had to investigate a little longer and what I discovered after reading the website was that 5 for free is really free to join and it is a legitimate online business. So, let’s get to it so that I can reveal to you what 5 for free is all about.

5 for free is an online home-based business that not only provides you a way to make money online but it will assist you in building a huge email list. Building a list online is one of the most crucial things that you will need to be successful online. So, that is what is happening at 5 for free behind the scenes, as well as  rewarding their members/affiliates for bringing in more people for sign ups. You can say that this is a 3 tiered affiliate program so when you sign up you instantly get $5 and you get paid commissions when others sign up under you by helping them build their list for FREE as well.. You see, just like that, BLING! Who does that? Let’s be honest, how many online businesses pay you for signing instantly? Most of them want you to pay them before you even fully understand whats going on. I have to admit, that is one of the things that have caught my attention from the beginning.

How To Make The Most Money With 5 For Free

Once again, 5 for Free is free to join and you receive $5 instantly; there is no doubt about it. In addition, there are 2 different levels to make some money. If you want to explode you earnings I suggest that you get the Money Plugin for $10 per month. The Money Plugin guarantees that you get the very first 2 signups of everyone who joins via you affiliate link. The standard free option, without the money plugin, passes up your first 2 members to the company admin account. So let’s be clear, the free option alllows you to make money on sign ups but passes up your first 2 members to the admin account. With the money plugin, you will keep your first 2 members and make money on your other signups but it will also give a residual income from you downline who also has the money plugin. The money plugin will allow you to double your money.

Let me break it down a little further, if you refer 100 people, you will get 200 immediate referrals when they invite people. Without the plugin, these people will get passed on the the company. With the plugin you will make a residual commission of $2.75 for each member that also purchase the money plugin too. It is imperative that you understand how this works because understanding this will allow you to make the most money and fast, so my suggestion is to get the money plugin. Also, make sure that you advise your downline to purchase it as well to continue the line of success.

How Much Money Can You Make With 5 for Free?

Yes, you can make lots of money working this system but it is really up to you. Everyone is different and not everyone is serious about making money. You have to apply yourself and be patient. Don’t stop learning because there are webinar trainings and materials that will aid you in your success. So, I will leave this as an open-ended question because how much you make depends on how committed you are and determined to change your life. If your serious you will make a alot of money, if not, well who’s fault is that? Some work is required, but it is not hard or complicated and that is the truth.

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Follow these steps:

To have huge success with 5ForFree, do these steps. Plus have people you refer do these steps too.

1. Join 5 For Free

2. Get the Money Plugin for $10 (Remember you get $5 instantly, so you’ll get 1/2 back anyway)

3. Start telling anyone you know about 5 For Free

Keep in mind that everyone that joins will not follow these steps or put in the work but over time you will make money. Just keep working at it and don’t give up. This program is very easy to work and it converts very well; everyone can afford it.

Is 5 For Free a Scam?

Alright, now you know what’s really going on behind the scenes. 5 for free is an advertising system, without even having to understand it. Now, here’s the other Part II to this program. The other question I had was, “Ok, where is the money coming from then?” “Is 5 for free a scam or some ponzi scheme?”. After all, where can all of this money be coming from if it’s for free, right? So, here’s the other thing most people don’t see. 5 for free is generating money from advertising and payments for an optional internal tool that increases how much you can make. This tool is called the Money Plugin, which allows you to increase the your commissions.  The cost is $10 per month and it basically increases how much you can make by an additional 25%.

5ForFree Is Risk Free
Think about it. You can’t lose. Join for free and you get $5 instantly after signing up.  Start inviting some people and then begin seeing even more money in your account. If you end up liking it, upgrade your membership to earn even more by getting the Money Plugin. This is a no-brainer. Ready? Get signed up now!

If you are looking for a free and easy way to make money online and get paid $5 just for signing up:

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By Lisa McCottry

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8 Online Hobbies To Make An Extra Buck

The boom in the freelancing industry has widened the horizon for those who are looking for an extra few dollars. There are many fields that allow online trading to exist – basically, you can turn one of your favorite hobbies into an income!
Some hobbies which can make money online include:

1. Photography
If you have a DSLR camera and know how to make the most out of it, you have a hobby that can make a fortune. All you need to do is make your work available at the right photo-selling platforms such as Photo Bucket. This style of website puts a watermark over your photos so that they are not copied. If your online work displayed on these platforms catches the eye of the right person, you’ll attract customers who might even request you for orders specific to their needs.

2. Transcription
If you can comprehend different languages and accents and have a fast typing speed, transcription can be your cup of tea. Research companies that conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions record these sessions and later want the conversation transcribed. This is a great money spinner!

3. Translation
Translation is a massive part of the internet. Blogs, e-books, lectures, seminars, board minutes etc all require translation from time to time. If you speak two fluent languages, be sure to look at this option – it pays extremely well!

4. Website Development
With the massive growth of websites, blogs and other online platforms, the need for website developers has never been greater. Gone are the days when organizations used to hire web developers to take care of their websites. They now outsource online to save time and money.

5. Graphic Designing
Aesthetic sense combined with the right digital skills gives birth to graphic designing. With businesses realizing the importance of having their online presence, most of them require original graphics to represent their brand.

6. Tour Guiding
If you have trotted around the globe, you may have wide enough knowledge to act as a tour guide. There are numerous websites that require people to share their experiences in detail about the different places they visited with the website’s visitors.

7. Computer Programming
Developing applications for smart phones and other hand held devices is extremely popular at the moment. If you are a computer programmer, you would be perfect for this online work.

8. Content Development
Content development is perhaps the most common form of online work. Content development includes writing a wide range of articles including web content, blog posts, product reviews, press releases and even e-books. Almost anyone with a flare for writing, including students, professionals and even housewives can enter the world of content development.

By Lee Schraner

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