About Me

My name is Lisa and I am the creator of freemoneymakingstrategies. My mission for this blog is to inform people who want to make money online of free, inexpensive and different ways to make money online learn that I have found. I feel today that people are searching for alternative ways to make money because the economy is so unstable;  I also believe that making money online is the wave of the future and if you can master the skills now before the majority of people catches on then you will be ahead of the game.

I have felt and sometimes still feel the frustration of trying to break in the online business. I have bought countless books, ebooks, training, etc. etc. So as I go on my journey to be make money online I learn through trial and error. The best way to help yourself is to help others as well. I am determined to be successful and I realize that is the attitude that you need to make it anywhere. I am not looking for an overnight get-rich-scheme but genuine ways to make money online.

Right now, I am affiliated with $5 For Free which I think is an excellent and easy program to start with. It is free to join and once signed up you instantly receive $5 for joining. You can stay as a free member or upgrade to the money plugin. Once activated for free or if you have the money plugin you can make money. Yes, there is some work involved because you have to promote but there are training materials to help you along the way. It is really a risk-free way to start in online marketing. There are no upfront fees and they pay you for signing up. I am also a member of ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash. All of this is explained on my 5 for free post. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

I am not claiming to have all of the answers because I will always try to increase my knowledge but I have learned some things that I am willing to share for free. I will try my best to post articles at least twice a week and anything that can be used as a resource.

I hope everyone the best in their endeavors and just remember to never give up and to give all you got.


If you love house music, please check out my other blog at :


Housemusic is another passion of mine that I want to share with the world. Love and peace to everyone.



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