8 Online Hobbies To Make An Extra Buck

The boom in the freelancing industry has widened the horizon for those who are looking for an extra few dollars. There are many fields that allow online trading to exist – basically, you can turn one of your favorite hobbies into an income!
Some hobbies which can make money online include:

1. Photography
If you have a DSLR camera and know how to make the most out of it, you have a hobby that can make a fortune. All you need to do is make your work available at the right photo-selling platforms such as Photo Bucket. This style of website puts a watermark over your photos so that they are not copied. If your online work displayed on these platforms catches the eye of the right person, you’ll attract customers who might even request you for orders specific to their needs.

2. Transcription
If you can comprehend different languages and accents and have a fast typing speed, transcription can be your cup of tea. Research companies that conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions record these sessions and later want the conversation transcribed. This is a great money spinner!

3. Translation
Translation is a massive part of the internet. Blogs, e-books, lectures, seminars, board minutes etc all require translation from time to time. If you speak two fluent languages, be sure to look at this option – it pays extremely well!

4. Website Development
With the massive growth of websites, blogs and other online platforms, the need for website developers has never been greater. Gone are the days when organizations used to hire web developers to take care of their websites. They now outsource online to save time and money.

5. Graphic Designing
Aesthetic sense combined with the right digital skills gives birth to graphic designing. With businesses realizing the importance of having their online presence, most of them require original graphics to represent their brand.

6. Tour Guiding
If you have trotted around the globe, you may have wide enough knowledge to act as a tour guide. There are numerous websites that require people to share their experiences in detail about the different places they visited with the website’s visitors.

7. Computer Programming
Developing applications for smart phones and other hand held devices is extremely popular at the moment. If you are a computer programmer, you would be perfect for this online work.

8. Content Development
Content development is perhaps the most common form of online work. Content development includes writing a wide range of articles including web content, blog posts, product reviews, press releases and even e-books. Almost anyone with a flare for writing, including students, professionals and even housewives can enter the world of content development.

By Lee Schraner


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